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Welcome to ThinkAnarva. Anarva’s blog section. Anarva is a Sanskrit word filled with hope and possibility. It means ‘unlimited.’
Therefore, ThinkAnarva: Think Unlimited. Anarva is passionate about innovation, about transformation, about successful change, about big leaps, about new futures. All of which needs unlimited thinking and action.

After 20 + years in this space, ThinkAnarva is an opportunity for me to share my thoughts and experiences in this roller coaster of a ride in the exciting and often inexplicable world of innovation. From successes to discoveries and failures, it’s been a learning journey that I continue to live day after day after day.

Here I’ll share with you, innovation stories I’m really keen on, dilemmas I’ve faced in facilitating innovation, tools to make innovation happen, and answer any questions you have on the subject.


It is indeed ironic, that innovation in itself has become bound in a definition driven by the corporate world. And so the myths are that 1) Innovation is either limited to an entrepreneur or a corporate top team and is not for/ by all of us 2) It is called innovation only when it is applied to within the corporate domain.

And yet, in the book I co-authored, ‘Orbit Shifting Innovation’, I strived to find the unconventional yet real examples of great innovation outside of the regular definition. Hence, the making of the iconic song Bohemian Rhapsody from Queen or how robots replaced child jockeys in camel racing in the UAE, made it to a supposedly traditional business book.

This is reality; innovation is not a restricted tool to be leveraged just for growth strategy of corporations. (Although it grew as a field both in legitimacy and definition largely here, and there is much we will discuss in ThinkAnarva about its role in corporations.)

Innovation is a human endeavor. Innovation contributes to life. So this is the scope of the ThinkAnarva blog. Innovation must reach out wide into the entire spectrum of life, for its need is even more urgent today. We’ll discuss how as a species we leveraged innovation at every stage of evolution to come this far, and how we can continue to do so as we balance life and progress on this precious, fragile planet of ours.

Come, join me in our journey.

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