Introducing Anarva: A 21st Century Quest:

Anarva enables differentiated results through unique strategy and innovation solutions. We create fresh ideas and breakthrough insights for compelling new futures.

  • How do you lead, strategise and innovate in increasingly complex, challenging and speedily changing times?
  • How do you let go of the old but ruinous and often dominant approaches of yesterday, to craft new ways that leverage the world today, and design for tomorrow?
  • How do you find real insights to help surf through the multidimensional dilemmas and paradoxes of leadership and decision-making?

These are the questions Anarva is interested in exploring in order to bring fitting solutions into leading, strategizing and innovating in the 21st Century.

Anarva: The Genesis:

Anarva = unlimited in Sanskrit. ThinkAnarva, IdeasAnarva, OpportunitiesAnarva…

Anarva means unlimited in Sanskrit. At its core is the liberating thought that every situation has limitless possibilities when we choose to open our minds, challenge our boundaries and seek new opportunities.

Unlimited and liberating in thought, in action and in engagement.

The logo is represented by an ever-changing kaleidoscope where the pieces merge and part and re-form to create fresh patterns in exciting and infinite ways.

Anarva’s Work:

We discover, create, propagate and facilitate new insight, thought and transformative action.

  • Anarva facilitates organizations and leadership teams in the areas of strategy creation, breakthrough solution finding, solving tough problems and finding new insight. Anarva’s interventions are customized based on the need and the context. The outcomes and the approach are always co-created with the client.
  • Anarva also conducts discovery research into transformative domains. We seek out pioneers of change across multi-disciplinary domains: whether in business, government, or social spaces. We’re curious not just about the stories of how the world works, or how new things happen- but about the imperceptible insights that can create real frameworks for a new kind of thought to guide leadership strategy in the 21st Century.
  • Anarva propagates these insights and new frameworks through
    • talks at institutions, corporations and conferences,
    • publications: books and articles in magazines and online platforms.